• Matt Atherton

Assessment Centre: Overview

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

The assessment centre was at the Ethiad Stadium and I was in the morning group. For the weeks leading up to the assessment centre I wasn't looking forward to it due to nerves. However, as it was approaching I slowly started to settle them nerves by telling myself that it was not a real situation and only good could come from it through the feedback weather I messed anything up or not. I took it seriously but at the same time with knowing it would only be a practise situation it helped me be more calm and enjoy the experience more so I could take more away from the opportunity.


My feedback from my application said that my work experience was good and laid out well. I also highlighted relevant skills for the role. The things I need to do for next time is include a covering note that explains the role I'm applying frond that work based examples are stronger than university as they provide an opportunity to be more personal to you.


The presentation task was probably my strongest part of the assessment centre. I left my research last minute and didn't really talk enough about some of the information I had researched but I managed to show my research by my answers to the questions that was asked at the end. My feedback said that I was a confident presenter and that I handled the questions very well. The things I could have improved on was that I could have bought some handouts and visuals with me to help present. also timing as I only presented for 3 minutes when the aim was 5 minutes.


I was nervous for the interview the most but after a couple of seconds of it starting I was more calm about it. My feed back was good presentation with nice delivery speed of answers and good eye contact. Use of personal examples to support answers and use of company information when required. Demonstrated flexibility and willingness to learn in role. MY feedback for what needs working on was to be wary of being asked for more details to support response to questions.

Group Task

The group task was my least favourite part of the assessment centre day as it was a task that was wholly focused on womenswear and a female magazine so I struggled to find motivation to take part with much enthusiasm. I struggled to get involved as much as I should have done and only said a couple of things. My feedback said that I shared a good idea, understood the brief, challenged others and segmented brief. But that I needed a little more confidence, to contribute some more ideas and get more involved.

Overall Experience

Overall I felt happy with how the day went and that I have some positives to take away from doing it. It pushed me to be out of my comfort zone which will help me for interviews when I apply for placements and also working in groups for exercises and practice for the presentations and interviews that I'll have to face soon.

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