• Matt Atherton

Final Reflection for website

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

During this unit I have been challenged by new skills and opportunities, giving me the best possible start to the curation of my portfolio. Through moving image, photography, styling and branding I looked at new practices and how they could influence my future profession. I learnt that branding and curation of concepts was my favourite of these and the most influential to my career. Being able to try out these different skills through workshops, not only have I built up my work for my portfolio but working with professionals has shown how creative your career can be.

Website Design Choices

I used a simple template from Wix for my website as I wanted a minimalistic feel to the design and layout of the online portfolio. I then opted to show a couple of images on a slideshow on the home page as a sample of what my work consists of. I then had a little section with a little introduction to myself then at the bottom there is a contact section.

For the pages I decided to have my website easy to navigate so I had the pages at the top of the page. You then click which section of the website you'd like to go to.

For the my work page I decided to have the images in different sections with he s=title being at the font of the section to know which shoot is which. Once you click on the images there is then information on the shoot and it is set out as a slideshow to you can click through the images for that shoot.

For the about me and CV page I had three slides at the top of the page with information about myself. You then scroll down and there is a copy of my creative CV that I created on Canva that can be view either on the page or you can click on the image so it becomes a little larger.

I then decided that for the reflections section I would have it set up as a little blog styled page with a reflection on the various things that I have done this term. and put them in the order that they happened.

Overall I have enjoyed creating the website as it is something I haven't attempted before but I learned new skills by doing it and also now have an online portfolio set up that I will be keeping up to date in the future and use to help me with placements and future employment.

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