• Matt Atherton

Week 1 - Moving Image

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

This was the first week of workshops at university for the start of second year after the induction week and after learning how the course is set up and would be run this year I felt like it would be lot more enjoyable and be more engaging for me personally after I was not motivated enough last year.

Missguided Promotional Video Task:

The first workshop was the first of the moving image workshops that we would have over the course of the 6 weeks of workshops. I was unable to attend this workshop but the task that was given was to get into groups and create a Missguided promotional campaign. The groups had to produce a short promotional film for an upcoming misguided campaign and then to edit the video and finally present it to the class.

Although I missed out on the introduction to the workshop and what was required and how to produce such film which would have been helpful to make me understand the task more, I am in a way glad I did not have to take part in the misguided themed film as I have relatively low interest in womenswear and this part of the industry does not excite me as much as others do.

I decided it would be beneficial to have an attempt at creating my own promotional video but with a theme that I would prefer to work with. I chose one of my favourite brands at the moment which is based out of Leeds called MKI MIYUKI - ZOKU (MKI for short). MKI is a brand and concept store with the intentions to offer designer products and quality garments from a designers perspective at a more modest price point. They collections are made to be accessible both in wearability and affordability.

I created a short promotional video for MKI and also shot a small cookbook styled shoot. These can both be found on the 'My Work' section of my online portfolio.

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