• Matt Atherton

Week 4 - Moving Image

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

China Town Promotional Video

For the second moving image workshop we worked in a small group to create a promotional video for a brand we created or an item of clothing we had. We chose to use Charlottes top as our item of clothing and it had floral patterns on it so we felt like it had a Chinese vibe to it. This lead us to going into Manchester City centre to China Town to shoot the video in a Chinese location. We then headed back to uni and put it all together and added music then had to present it to the others in the class.

The video can be found in the 'My Work' section of my portfolio.

This was fun to do and was good to work in a group for one of the moving image workshops. We was happy with the outcome but there was room for improvement as our video ended only being 35 seconds when it should have been a little longer.

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