• Matt Atherton

Week 6 - Branding Workshop (Katy England)

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

This was the final workshop of the term and it was Branding.

I missed the first workshop so I had to catch up through Moodle on what I had missed so I was up to date on what the workshop was all about.

At this workshop John put me into a group as I had missed the first one where the groups were put together. I was put into a group with Katie Hopkins and Sarah Atkinson who had chosen Katy England as the subject of their branding exercise. During the start of the workshop in the morning we finalised our research and created visual outputs for a presentation to a 'client'.

Our presentation shows what our final pitch to the 'client' looked like, looking at our initial research on Katy England.

The idea of KE (K-E-Y), is that it is a non-profit application that has a goal of helping the full spectrum of creatives find placements and more opportunities than they would if they did not have the help of the app. We would start trying to get the apps amount of users increasing by going into universities and colleges and delivering talks and having promotional posters up around these campus' that have a variety of creative based courses. The way we would try and reach the creatives that do not attend such establishments would be to have the same designs that are on the posters in creative magazines that would gain the attention of the creative readers.

Below you can see the moodboard we gathered from the research we did on Katy England this is where we found the colours we would have as our brands colours. We pulled these colours from work of Katy Englands and her instagram. You can also see our target markets of businesses, lectures and students. and then what the app and posters would look like.

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