• Matt Atherton

Week 2 - The Studio Experience

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

This was the second week of workshops and it was a studio experience styled workshop with Helen and Paul. The class was split into two groups where one half would be taking part in a studio office situation and the other half would be taking part in a studio environment situation. We were then just split into smaller groups.

Office Work:

I was in a three with Georgie and Jesser and we were taking part in the office situation in the morning. There were some roles that we would have to undertake which were: Producers, Researchers and Studio Bookers. I was assigned the role as booker and in charge of the models that would be hired. We had to choose a brand that we would be shooting for and we decided on New Look. For my role I did some research on the types of models that are already modelling for New Look on their website and then I searched through some well known agencies like Milk, Models1, Elite, News, Select, Base and Hive. Below are the mood boards I created on Illustrator for both the existing models New Look use and the models we would hire for the shoot. I included their names and agencies.

Studio Shoot:

In the studio side of this workshop we worked as a group to gather garments that could be used in New Looks online aesthetic and begin to shoot images which would work on the New Look website. As the studio side was in the afternoon we had already looked online at what style the imagery was so that we could try create a similar style from our imagery. Whilst we were taking part in this I assisted in shooting some of the images but let the other two members have a go as I have previously studied photography so I had a little experience in this so let them have a go so they could be taught by Paul. I also helped out as stylist and helped with how the model was in the pictures. The final outcomes we produced were good and fitted in with New Looks style. These images can be found on the 'My Work' section of my online portfolio

I enjoyed this experience as it is a career path that I am considering taking after graduating. However, I did feel like I could enjoy it more if I could have done it for a menswear shoot/brand but with being the only Male in my seminar group I feel I don't get the chance to do as much work that is menswear based but it is something I have come to accept as I understand there are more girls in the year that would prefer to do womenswear.

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